CBD will be the most critical marketplace very soon for business; know all about the investment

As soon as the government announces unlocking the legal use of CBD shop. Currently, the countries where cannabis is legally certified can be divided into three groups:

  1. 33 countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use
  2. 6 countries that have legalized recreational cannabis
  3. 3 countries that have legalized cannabis. It is the first country in ASEAN to allow the legal use of marijuana for medical and scientific research purposes. (which is classified in group 1) since the beginning of February 2019.

Now, the big companies in the food laws4life and beverage sector are starting to pay attention to this market. There may be many problems in the beginning, such as a shortage of raw materials due to the limited number of growers. And extraction is costly. Which may be a hindrance to doing business.

Where are the investment opportunities?

Business people who see opportunities and want to invest in this type of business Must study the rules and conditions well. The business is designed from upstream, midstream and downstream to facilitate business. Nomura Pattanasin Securities is divided into three parts.

  • Upstream, seed import and planting require prior permission.
  • mid-water extraction for use in production
  • Downstream distribution of medical, beverage, cosmetic, massage, animal feed and dietary supplements. Which is the group with the most significant number of players in the CBD shop.

Every industry is interested in using cannabis and hemp. Because it is a product that is easily accessible to consumers. More importantly, consumers are still alert and want to try the product. Thailand is in the early stages of this market. After the government’s lockdown since early 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two issues: using the non-narcotic portion of hemp and marijuana (THC less than 0.2%) in food products. And allowed to use hemp seeds Hemp oil Hemp seed protein can be found in food products.

Overseas investment in cannabis and hemp businesses is growing fast. Because the law has begun to relax more, such as in the United States, allowing each state to make their own decisions about the law. Or Canada has previously unlocked the law Making the global marijuana and hemp market bigger.

If you invest, how to do online marketing?

You might already see the complexity of the CBD shop and hemp business from all of the above. Regarding marijuana advertising on social media, some platforms do not allow the advertisement of drugs or drug-related devices. Hemp can be advertised online. Because it is a herb used for the ingredients in the product. With so many restrictions, online marketing to cannabis and hemp businesses, Therefore, creativity must be used to fight such as

  1. SEO strategy, which is the lawyerdesk most suitable choice. You can provide more product information. And help increase the credibility of your business as well.
  2. Make content to educate. Even now, Thai people are familiar with cannabis and hemp. But many people may need to learn the benefits in various fields. Making content must focus on knowledge that is useful to them.
  3. Collaborate with influencers. We now have many restaurants and cafes that use cannabis and hemp. The internet is full of review clips that entice us to want to try.

Many giant food and beverage companies worldwide are lawyersmagazine interested in using cannabis extract as an ingredient in their products. Therefore, the global cannabis market, including Thailand, is expected to grow and spread in many businesses. This time, whoever comes in early will have a more significant advantage.

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