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Cresta AI is a company with software that turns people into customer support agents. They are able to give real-time assistance to consumers and offer real-time analytics. They recently completed a Series B round of funding, which will fund growth through 2021.

Cresta’s AI-powered software delivers real-time insights to sales and service lpllive agents

Using AI-powered software, Cresta turns sales and service agents into experts in their fields. The AI-powered software collects data about the behavior and psychology of top agents, then re-distributes that expertise to the rest of the sales and service team in real-time. The AI platform helps companies rank their agents based on customer satisfaction, drive sales, and improve the overall customer experience.

The company has also expanded its Real-Time Intelligence Platform,  xekdq  which includes a complete portfolio of AI-powered contact center solutions. These solutions help contact centers improve efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences. For example, the AI-powered CRM tool, Cresta Insights, helps business leaders better understand customer conversations and develop a strategy based on the data. With this solution, business leaders gain a deeper understanding of customers, competitors, product gaps, and more.

Cresta’s AI-powered software was launched in 2020, coming out of stealth. The company is backed by Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun, who is also a member of the board. The company was listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2018 and named on the AI 50 list for promising AI startups. Its AI-powered software enables customer service agents to resolve issues more efficiently and close deals more efficiently. The company sells its software as a standalone product or as a complement to existing software suites.

AI also empowers humans to work smarter. By identifying priority cases, it helps businesses reduce after-call work and identify compliance and QA issues. AI can also improve the customer experience by flagging customer sentiment and emotion and drive better agent effectiveness.

The technology also allows managers to review customer feedback in real-time. A recent survey showed that over 60% of consumers said that businesses needed to improve customer service and listen to their needs. Furthermore, it showed that those who received better service were more likely to buy more. By augmenting human customer service agents with AI, companies can ensure that their agents are more efficient, and improve CSAT and agent happiness.

AI can help companies automate repetitive tasks in contact centers. It also frees up agents to focus on more meaningful work. With intelligent filters, AI can surface high-priority cases and make recommendations to agents in real-time.

It’s powered by Thrun’s Google experience

Sebastian Thrun, an adjunct professor at Stanford, is the chairman of the board of directors of Cresta, a company that offers AI-powered customer service. The company has raised $50 million in series B funding. The funds will go towards Cresta’s ongoing development and growth.

Thrun has extensive experience in AI software and has co-founded several successful companies, including Google’s research lab X. In addition, he co-founded online training platform Udacity and the electric aircraft company KittyHawk. In Cresta, he is chairman and CEO, along with co-founders Zayd Enam, Tim Shi and Andre Esteva.

It’s backed by Sequoia Capital

Cresta, an AI-powered customer support platform, has raised $50 million in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital. The investment also includes Google X co-founder Sebastian Thrun and former AT&T CEO John Donovan. Cresta’s AI technology enables customers to reach real-time support agents.

The company has raised millions of dollars in the past year and has recently hired 30 Google engineers. Its CEO says the startup’s emergence has made it a priority to hire top talent and build a world-class product.

Cresta recently announced its first product, Cresta for Voice. This AI tool targets contact center teams and sales agents. It integrates with cloud contact service platform Amazon Connect. The company aims to serve both the public and private sectors.

With additional funds, Cresta is poised to compete with rival unicorn-level AI companies. It is approaching the 100-customer mark and is expected to triple in revenue by 2021. Its customers include companies such as Verizon, CarMax, and Porsche. The company has already raised $50 million in capital from the investors. The company is now valued at around $1 billion.

The funding will help Cresta continue its growth and further develop its AI-powered expertise engine. Its AI technology will provide in-the-moment feedback and mentoring across all consumer interactions. Its latest product, Cresta for Voice, will allow teams to improve productivity while on the phone. With this new capital, Cresta can focus on improving the customer experience and increasing their productivity

Its customers include Verizon, CarMax and Porsche

Cresta is a real-time intelligence company that specializes in voice and messaging communications. The company is launching its software across Porsche Worldkingnews Cars North America and Porsche Financial Services to help improve customer support. The software will help improve customer service personnel and will also allow for real-time coaching and automation.

With its revenue already in the double-digit millions, Cresta is well-positioned to grow rapidly. The company has attracted large enterprise customers such as Verizon, CarMax, and Porsche and has a forecast of triple-digit revenues by 2021. Most of the revenue is from existing customers who sign five or six-figure deals after testing the software mixx.

Cresta’s latest funding round brings the company to a $1.6 billion valuation post-money. With the funding, the company has quadrupled its revenue in the past year and is expecting to achieve a net revenue retention of 210%. Cresta’s board of directors includes former AT&T CEO John Donovan and Google X co-founder Sebastian Thrun. The company will use the new capital to scale its team and further develop its AI platform, the Cresta Expertise Engine Huay-online

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