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Do these 7 things to enjoy social media positively

Social media is slowly replacing the conventional media. The reasons are not that hard to find. With the most obvious ones being the availability and portability. Almost every person now has a smartphone whether he is literate or not. Also, the apps that make the majority of social media are free to use.

Conventional media used to have political and government influence. While social media may not be completely free from these shackles but this influence is far less as compared to the conventional media.

The news on conventional media takes some time to be uncovered or be presented. But social media has no middle party to intervene as it is connected by different people and the news comes pretty fast.

However, one can argue the authenticity of news but there are some verified news pages that’s authenticity is known to all. So, lets see how we can use this new sensation known as social media positively.

Ways and activities to do to enjoy social media positively

Firstly, we should know that why using social media positively is important. The answer to this question is very simple that using any thing negatively can cause problems and social media is no exception.

Using social media like a maniac can influence your work ethic as well as limit your productivity. Also as mentioned above sometimes the news seen on social media can be fake and it can create a lot of problems for you and the people around you.

So, we will help you use social media positively in following ways:

1. Enjoy yourself

You can follow a lot of meme pages to enjoy yourself. You can also search funny questions to ask on Instagram story and then ask them on your Instagram to enjoy and know other people opinions about you as well as many other interesting things. The questions can be:

  1. Tbh (To be honest): People tell you their honest opinions about you.
  2. If I were a professional athlete, which sports would I have chosen?
  3. What’s one thing that is unique in me?

2. Specify and limit your usage time

First, you should specify the time you will use social media. So, you don’t use it all the time and eventually waste your time. Also, the time you are using should be limited so that you can focus on your other tasks which are very important for you to achieve your goals.

3. Avoid fake news

To avoid fake news, you should try to follow all the official pages. Try to read about fun yet knowledgeable news. Authentic news is also very important as living in a fake world will not only make you illiterate but people will make fun of you saying you are conspiracy theorist.

4. Try educating yourself

Try following educational pages such as the one that tell a fact everyday or others that explain the science in a very interesting way.

5. Avoid unnecessary arguments

This is perhaps the most important thing to enjoy social media. Don’t try to get into arguments with the people that you don’t know in real life. They can have their opinions and you can have yours. Don’t degrade someone on social media and if someone is degrading you, ignore and block him and carry on with your day.

6. Respect Privacy

It is one of the most important things to consider when using social media. If you are an introvert, you can make your account private and then share your media. Also, respect other’s privacy and don’t engage with them if they don’t like to be engaged. In short don’t cyberstalk people. Cyberstalking is one of the worst uses of social media.

7. Use it to your benefit

There are a lot of groups on Facebook that tells you about the scholarships, jobs and many other things. Try joining these groups to use social media to your own benefit.

Final thoughts

Social media itself isn’t bad. The people using it make it look bad. So, if we try using it more positively with the ways mentioned above, we can definitely make it a safe space for us and others as it is the future.

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