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Do you really make money building a knock-down house?

Build a knock-down house Build a single-storey house that can move. Type 1 – Hire a contractor, construction price starts at 200 USD$ / sq m.

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The homeowner is the employer

check the work yourself

The price is low, but the quality is usable.

There is a problem with use, there is a leak, seepage, the technician has overdrawn money.. The technician left the job. (No guarantee of work)


The contractor is the contractor himself.

The contractor coordinates the customers themselves..

The contractor designed it himself.. or provide a model if the customer does not have a model

There may be problems such as a technician with no speaking skills, a job that doesn’t satisfy the homeowner. Due to a misunderstanding..

Build a knock-down house type 2 – Hire a builder, construction price starts at 350 USD$ baht / sq m.


The owner of the house is the employer who coordinates with the builder.. (Tao Kae).

Participate to inspect the work with the builder for a reasonable price, work quality and medium level materials.

The builder has the ability to explain easily, and is the middleman to coordinate technicians. Dare to cause less problems.. Service is taken care of appropriately.

builder (owner), contractor

The builder is the recipient of the work by hiring a contractor to receive the work.

The builder is the customer coordinator.

The builder is the supplier of the model .. by Start from your own design.. and design new according to customers’ use.

The builder must have The contractor who can control and can talk to each other..Help the builder not be a burden.. because of marketing and Coordinating the homeowner is already a heavy burden..

If there is a problem with the construction causing the lack of work Continuing..because I don’t have time to find a new job.

Build a knock-down house, type 3 – Hire a home builder company, construction price starts at 500 USD$ baht/sq.m.


The owner of the house is the employer of the home building company, coordinating through the company’s sales department.

Participate in auditing work with the sales department, using a high budget High quality according to academic principles

Medium-high level building materials

Construction company, contractor, sales department, design department

A home builder company is a contractor by designing and hiring contractors to receive the work.

The sales department is the coordinator with customers, design departments, contractors.

The home builder company is the provider of the design.. by the beginning. From your own style.. and new design according to customer use

including construction permit services,

Standing and coordinating with bank officers for loan applications

The home builder company will facilitate a One stop service. Sell, design, ask for permission. Apply for a bank loan. After sales guarantee..

Build a knock-down house — Is there a lot of profit per house?

Size Not more than 8 sq.m. Price not over 3,000 USD$

Profit 20 -500 USD$ /house

Construction time 7-15 days

Size not more than 30 sq.m., price not more than 4 hundred thousand

Profit 500 -1,500 USD$ /house

Construction time 15-45 days

Size over 40 sq m. Price over 5 hundred thousand but not over 1 million

Profit 2,500 -7,000 USD$ /house

Construction time 45-60 days

*** Things to know, small houses, cost per sq m., higher than profits, less than big houses, large houses, which are cheaper. make more profit

*** Knowledgeable, skilled builders Able to build and sell at least 3 houses in one month

Warning: Build a house without experience. There is always a chance of loss.

Build a knock-down house How to start…? part 2

1.Broker selling page, return 3%

In the beginning we didn’t have

technician team

picture of the work

model house


Let us start as a broker first by contacting a builder with interesting results.. You can talk to me. I want to be a sales agent. knock down house



The advantages are

3% return without investment, but requires labor

It is a collection of preliminary experiences, tasks that need to be done, such as talking to customers.. Watching customers, signing contracts, learning about paying installments, building a basic house, as well as delivering work..

A skilled broker can sell 5-10 houses per month.

*** Broker is the sales department who takes care of coordinating. between the customer and the builder until the end of the process When you get stuck, ask the builder.

2. Independent builder returns 10-15%

When we are good at selling to learn how to write a presentation This will help us not have to invest in building a model house. Hundreds of thousands of money wasted During our time in the sales industry We learned to sell, see builders. including periods Jobs in hiring technicians and getting to know contractors

We have enough to hire a builder already. But at the beginning, it must be built in the area. Not moving..



have capital

have a contractor

The advantages are

The advantages are

Returns 10-15 %

independent builder Can build 1-3 houses per month

*** Independent builders Must have a reserve fund for receiving the job at 30 % per 1 house, for example, building 100,000 baht per house. There must be a capital to reserve the contractor’s wages and some material costs 30,000 baht. Prevent work interruption or in the event that the customer pays late..

The writing program is

Sketchup Pro 2019 for creating 3D models, presentations.

Lumion 8 for bringing 3D models to decorate the background beautifully, such as putting trees in the sky.

3. Builder entrepreneurs return 15-20%

When having knowledge, experience, accumulated capital, various contractors, and find a location to place a house, for example, it is recommended to be on the main road

gives us credibility.. will have a chance to sell More work.. that focuses on the volume of several houses per month It’s a form built in our place and delivered to .. with to build on customer land


reliable Able to keep more customer deposits independent builder resulting in less use of reserve funds



have capital

have a contractor

have a model house

have a place

Warning.. should start building a house in the first step, starting from a broker to build independently and to becoming a builder. Even if you have capital, if you don’t have knowledge, you can go bankrupt.”

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