Eight best apps for learning English

In this multicultural and multilingual world, in order to survive you must know the English language. Technology has made it easy for the people to learn language. The best way to master any language is to use English learning Apps.

Apps provide the easiest and fastest way to learn any language. It provides a mini classroom where one can learn language sitting in their home.

BBC English learning app

The best app for learning English is BBC English learning app. This app provides the user with quizzes and exercises. This app allows the user to learn English from scratch and even explains a simple grammar topic like adjectives. Adjective is something that is very common and everyone should know about it. Well, if you want to know more about adjectives you can visit Cocosteaparty!


Duo lingo is also very popular app and used by many learners. It’s more like playing games like Ludo or subway surfers game where you can unlock the levels using coins. You are not only playing the game but learning new grammatical structures.

Preply English learning app

This app provides the learner with Experts. The experts English language tutors can provide you with assistance. The learner can choose the tutor based on the origin, availability, reviews and price.

6000 words the best for your vocabulary

In order to upgrade your vocabulary, you start with using simple words. Well, this app is marvelous if you want to increase your vocabulary. This app provides 6000 words with different categories.

Beelingu The best for reading

This app is created in such a way that you can learn language through story telling. A story is told in two languages first in your language then in English. It improves your reading.

Hello app the best for talking

If you want to be a fluent speaker of English, the best way is to find a suitable partner. It allows you to meet people who have native like proficiency. It also provides tools of translation and pronunciation.


Grammarly is the best app for writing. This app gives explanation of the errors you make so for next time you won’t repeat those mistakes. You can download the app easily through play store.


This app offers courses for English learners. The lessons duration time is 20 mins long. The lesson comprises of grammar, voice recognition and learning about new grammatical structures. This app is designed for those who are weak in grammar.

Quiz your English

It’s the best app if you are preparing for your exam. The words in the app are used in your daily life. If you have Cambridge Exam coming, then it’s very easy to use. It provides you a relief and you can do all the tasks easily.

Apart from using all these apps. It’s better to read books and make a daily habit of reading. In learning English language, the best thing, you can do is to read novels. There are novels that are written in simple English and easy vocabulary is used.

Language learning tips

In order to learn English language, you must have motivation. Most of the time the learner loses his interest, it’s because he or she needs constant praise. This appreciation can be given by the teachers or friends. Friends can motivate the learner and hence it will help him or her to learn the language.

Set goals to learn a language.

The learner must set some goals in order to learn a language. He or she should set objectives and tasks to be done weekly. The learner should monitor his progress and work on the task that needs improvement.

Always keep a dictionary

It’s very useful that you keep a dictionary with you in order to memorize the words. You can download dictionary using your mobile phone.

The best phone dictionary is Oxford learner dictionary. This dictionary provides words along with phonetic transcription.

In short, learning a language is a fun task. Don’t take it as a burden, otherwise you won’t be able to perform well. If you are curious about how and what events happened for English language to evolve, learning some more about English origin would help.

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