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How Many Games Does College Football Play?

College football plays more games than any other sport, and its average game length is more than three hours. This is a major complaint of fans and critics alike. Last year, the average Football Bowl Subdivision game lasted three hours, 24 minutes. While the NFL is the only other major American sport that lasts more than three hours, college football’s games are significantly longer. The Power Five conferences are asking stadium operations staffs to speed things up and cut down on the amount of time that football games take.

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The average college football season involves anywhere from ten to thirteen games, and each team plays between eight and 12 of them. College football games are played in different conference schedules, with many played on Saturdays. Generally, high school games are played on Friday nights, while college games are played on Saturdays. In some cases, games are played in the evening or at night. In many cases, the NCAA keeps records of the number of games each team plays, but that is a matter of debate.

The FBS season begins in early August and ends in January, with the College Football Playoff National Championship game occurring on January 10. Most FBS teams play between 12 and 13 regular season games, with eight or nine of them being against conference opponents. Each conference holds conference championship games, and each team will play at least one bowl game if they are ranked among the top four teams in their respective conferences. A bowl game is a game that is played on television as part of the NCAA’s playoffs.

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