What Days Are NFL Football on?

The NFL schedules games to air on certain days throughout the week. Sundays have the most games, with the early afternoon contests typically at 1:00 PM. On Mondays, the NFL schedules a Monday night game at 8:15 PM. The late afternoon games are typically marquee contests or games played in the Pacific or Mountain Time Zones. Sunday afternoon games are televised on regional networks such as ABC or CBS.

The 2022 NFL schedule will feature a doubleheader on Christmas Day, with two teams facing off against each other. In addition, the NFL has announced that it will air two or three games on Christmas Day, which falls on a Monday. The 2022 NFL schedule will be announced on Thursday, May 12.

Traditionally, the NFL plays Sunday games, but the NFL has also added Thursday games since 2002. The NFL Kickoff Game is hosted by the defending Super Bowl champions. The game counts as part of the regular week, including Sunday. Since 2012, there have been additional Thursday games every week. However, some games are canceled altogether. In addition, the NFL has added Thursday games nearly every week. But the NFL does not make every Thursday night game, so you’ll have to check the schedule closely.

The NFL schedule is announced every year. Individual games may also be announced or leaked prior to the full schedule. The NFL season schedule is the most important moment in the offseason, as fans eagerly await the arrival of the NFL’s upcoming season. During the offseason, teams often announce their schedules in advance of the official league announcement, and many of them use social media accounts to share their creative video assets. However, individual game schedules typically leak days before the official announcement. Depending on the league, some teams may even leaked their games.

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