What is the Best Digital Camera for Landscape Photography?

Assuming you spend most of your time outside, the best camera for landscape photography is one that is weather-sealed. Although weather sealing isn’t a scientific process, cameras with weather-sealing will withstand a wider variety of elements. When it comes to landscape photography, you want a camera that can survive light to moderate exposure to the elements. It should also be rugged enough to protect itself from dust and moisture.

As with any purchase, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a camera for landscape photography. First of all, you want a camera that will capture quality images and is affordable enough to buy. The APSC, Micro Four Thirds, and full-frame cameras are all capable of producing outstanding landscape images. While all of these options have their merits, you’ll need to consider the complete camera system.

If you’re a beginner and want a camera that is compact, lightweight, and has a large full-frame sensor, you’ll probably want to start with a Canon EOS 7D. The EOS 7D is a top performer for landscape photography and features an impressive low-pass-cancelling filter. Its price is reasonable, but the file size is huge and you won’t be taking it with you on every adventure.

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